Baby Teething Blanket in 30 minutes or Less!

Photo Baby Teething and Snuggle blanket that is quick and easy? Yes, PLEASE!

Get ready for a whirlwind of creativity! Brace yourself for the ultimate DIY delight — a project that’s not just quick and easy but also oh-so-heartwarming. Say hello to your next go-to gift, your cozy companion, your memory keeper extraordinaire — the Photo Quilt Block on Snuggle Velour! Whether you’re crafting a heartfelt present for a precious little one or seeking the perfect blend of comfort and nostalgia, this project is your ticket to quilted bliss. Let’s dive in and create a cuddly masterpiece that’ll be cherished for years to come! 🌟👶🧵

Read on to learn this quick and easy gift tutorial!

Step 1: Order Your Photo Quilt Block on Snuggle Velour

  1. Go to Photo Quilt Blocks and choose the Snuggle Velour Listing here.
  2. Choose the size that you want your blanket. In the video, I chose the 12×12 which makes a sweet little blanket that a baby can easily move around with wherever they are.
  3. Next watch the video to see how to add the photo, edit, rotate, and add words.

Step 2: Square up your fabric to the size you want your blanket to be.

Once your Snuggle Velour Quilt Block arrives, you can square it up to the size that you would like to make your blanket. I wanted to make my block 12×12, but the baby and the dog were on the edges of the photo. I had to choose the 16×16 and then make it fit lengthwise. Let me show you what I mean.

The below video will show you how to order a custom size Photo Quilt Block.

Step 3: Cut and Sew Your Front and Back of Blanket.

Cut out your backing fabric to be the same size.

Layer together as shown with right sides together. I sew with the backing piece down because it is not interfaced like the photo photo block. It is always best to sew with the uninterfaced piece down because then the feed dogs on your sewing machine help pull it through evenly!

Stitch around the outside edges as shown leaving an opening to turn the block right side out.

4. Trim the Corners and Turn Right Side out.

You will need to trim the corners to reduce bulk and get a nice corner when you turn it right side out!

5. Press Your Blanket Flat and Pin the Opening Shut

You are almost done! This is so simple!

6. Add the Wooden Teething Ring

You will need your wooden teething rings next. You can get these at some craft stores. However, I ordered my from Amazon. You can find some here!

There are many different sizes. I like to use the 3 inch or 70 mm. The link above takes you to the 70 mm!

Now we are just going to take a little baby tacking stitch through the blanket around the ring to hold the ring onto the blanket. I don’t like buttons. They scare me with babies. 🙁


Crafting a cozy snuggle blanket for your little one is like stitching together hugs and kisses! With just six easy steps, you’ve whipped up a masterpiece of warmth and love. Picture those precious moments when your baby snuggles up, maybe even giving the blanket a chew or two—because let’s face it, everything’s a teether at that age! So as you wrap your little bundle in this soft, handmade creation, know that you’ve created more than just a blanket. You’ve crafted a memory-maker, ready to snuggle up alongside your baby for countless giggles, cuddles, and maybe a few dribbles. Here’s to making memories, one stitch at a time!


Lori McCroskey is the principal creator of, a website dedicated to quilts, projects, and gifts created with photos printed on fabric. She also has a business where you can have her print your photos on fabric for you! Inspired by her love for sewing, scrapbooking, and family, Lori has a passion for capturing memories in useable gifts, quilts, and crafts that get your photos off your phone, out of the album, freed from a frame, and into memorable keepsakes that your friends and family will treasure. Learn more about Lori here!

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