How to create an “on point” Photo Quilt Block for your Memory Quilt

Are you getting ready to create a quilt that has some on point quilt blocks? Then you will need to learn how to print you fabric with your photo on point!

To print a photo on fabric on point at Photo Quilt Blocks, you need to follow 7 simple steps:

  1. Choose your block size or your fat quarter layout that you are filling with photos.
  2. Choose your photo.
  3. Click on the personalize button.
  4. Click on add image.
  5. Add image from the location where your photo is stored.
  6. Use the rotate icon to rotate your photo the 45 degrees or to whatever angle you like the best for your photo on point.
  7. Add to cart.

I have also included some other on-point block resources further in the article, as well as, explaining what an on-point block is and how to measure it.

How to Print a Photo on Fabric On Point – What does set on point mean?

While a traditional quilt block is a square, setting a quilt block on point means turning it 45 degrees so that the points are pointing north, south, east, and west. When it is set in the quilt it will look like a diamond instead of a square.

Below is an example of an on point Photo Quilt Block.

How to Print an On Point Photo on Fabric at Photo Quilt blocks

Photo Quilt Patterns – On Point Quilt Patterns at Photo Quilt Blocks

How do you measure quilt blocks on point?

Finding the measurement for the length of the diagonal (on point block) is very simple:

Measurement of one side of the square x 1.414 = Length of the diagonal. When you find the length just round up to the nearest 1/8 and then you can trim it down if you need to!

In my research for how to measure an on point block, I came across this reference sheet by American Professional Quilting Systems. APQS has put together an On Point Reference Sheet that is amazing! Everyone needs to download and/or print this sheet! This sheet gives you the diagonal measurement for every size square as well as giving you the measurements for the triangles that stitch on to the diagonal sides (the setting triangles)!

I have a pattern with an on point block in it. How do I know what size block to order?

To determine what size block you need for your quilt, you will need to get your quilt instructions out and navigate to the cutting page for all the blocks you will need. On this page, it should tell you what size square you will be cutting. If the size they give you includes seam allowances, you will need to deduct the seam allowances from the measurements and order that size block from Photo Quilt Blocks. When Photo Quilt Blocks list a block size it is the FINISHED size of the block and 1/4 inch seam allowances will be added to it for you.


Lori McCroskey is the principal creator of, a website dedicated to quilts, projects, and gifts created with photos printed on fabric. She also has a business where you can have her print your photos on fabric for you! Inspired by her love for sewing, scrapbooking, and family, Lori has a passion for capturing memories in useable gifts, quilts, and crafts that get your photos off your phone, out of the album, freed from a frame, and into memorable keepsakes that your friends and family will treasure. Learn more about Lori here!

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