How do Photo Quilt Blocks Wash?

They wash amazingly!

Our printing technology actually gases the inks into the fabric so it is part of the fibers! Permanently!

What does that mean to you?

  • You don’t have to worry about the ink rubbing off
  • You don’t have to worry about the ink washing out during washing

We make products that are useable. Never be afraid to wash your photo quilt again!

We believe that a quilt should be a quilt, a pillow should be a pillow, and a shirt should be a shirt. Our printing process is very washable! With our printing, the ink actually turns into gas and fuses into the polyester fibers. The fabric does not feel plasticky or stiff or anything else yucky. Our fabric feels like the original fabric’s hand!

What fabrics can we print on?

All our fabrics are polyester that we print your photo blocks on.

  • We have Poly poplin which is the most popular!
  • We have t-shirt fabrics for those t-shirt quilts!
  • We have snuggle velour for baby quilts and snuggly blankets!
  • We have fleece for those fleece throws you love to make!
  • We have Ivory Linen for a sophisticated elegant throw pillow!
  • We have satin for canvas wraps or when you want something with a little shine to it!

Your Photo Quilt Blocks come with sheer weight interfacing fused to them!

Now, who besides me HATES getting the interfacing fused on???? We fuse the interfacing on the back unless you tell us not to. Then it is ready to cut and stitch the second it hits your mailbox!