Common questions about Photo Quilt Blocks

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We are a small company with small company customer service.

What does that mean to you?

  • We are available to answer your questions via phone, text, or email.
  • If we see a problem with your photo order, we throw a red flag!
  • We believe in education of our products and we love to inspire you!
  • We love to see your creations and post about your “fabric babies” you have birthed!

We use products that are useable. Never be afraid to wash your photo quilt again!

We believe that a quilt should be a quilt, a pillow should be a pillow, and a shirt should be a shirt. Our printing process is very washable! With our printing, the ink actually turns into gas and fuses into the polyester fibers. The fabric does not feel plasticy or stiff or anything else yucky. Our fabric feels like the original fabric’s hand!

Take a look at a block that has been washed and dryed 5 times!

We use polyester fabrics when printing your photos.

That is why the photos are so crisp and clear and washable! We even fuse sheerweight interfacing to the back when printing so when it hits your door, you are ready to cut and sew!

We have several fabrics for you to choose from:

Poly poplin (the most popular)
Snuggle Velour
Ivory Linen

What fabrics can I pair with my Photo Quilt Blocks?

We have been pairing Quilting Cottons with our Photo Quilt blocks with amazing and beautiful results. They have been washing amazing. Best practice would be to prewash your cottons to get all the shrinkage out, but to be honest, I have been way to lazy to do that and my quilts are washing up fine! Take a look at a block that has been washed and dryed 5 times!

We are building our video library of education, tutorials, and inspiration….follow along with us as we grow!

For Beginner Creators

We have videos that walk you through how to load your photos on to our website. Easy Peasy!

Order your Photo Quilt Blocks here!

Watch videos on how to load, edit, crop, and add words your your Photo Quilt Blocks here!

For Advanced Creators

We are starting a collection of videos to inspire, challenge, and educate you on all the ways your can bring the story of your life into your fabric baby creations! Stay tuned!

For Those Who Have Tried and Failed

We are here for you. We love to work along side of you to help you create the photo memory quilt or photo memory project you dream of. Just call, text, or email!