5 Reasons Photo Quilt Blocks are PERFECT for Your Sewist!

Struggling to find the perfect gift for that creative DIY enthusiast in your life? With shelves stocked full of fabric and drawers overflowing with tools, it feels like they have it all. But fear not! What if you could surprise them with something truly unique and heartfelt?

Picture this: a gift that sparks their creativity, ignites their passion, and becomes a cherished memory for years to come. Enter the photo quilt block – a delightful fusion of creativity and sentimentality that’s bound to leave a lasting impression.

How much are Photo Quilt Blocks?

Our most popular gift is a FAT QUARTER OF PHOTOS!

A fat quarter is 18×22 inches in size. One fat quarter is $35.

We try to cram as many photos on these fabric pieces as possible! You can get one HUGE photo or go with 3×3 photos and get 30 photos on one fat quarter! And we have all kinds of photo sizes and options in between that!

Take a look here to see what fat quarter options we have and what they look like!

A fat quarter of photos is only $35. So if your sewer chooses a 3×3 fat quarter, they will get 30 photos which figures out to be only $1.16 a piece! Now that’s a great gift!

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But why does this unconventional gift choice make the perfect match for their creative spirit?

Here are 5 compelling reasons to take the plunge and gift your DIYer something truly special.

Let’s dive in!

1. Personalized Touch

Who doesn’t adore a heartfelt gift infused with cherished memories? Give the gift of endless creativity with a Photo Quilt Blocks gift card! Your loved one can craft their own personalized photo fabric, turning precious moments into tangible treasures. For the creative soul in your life, it doesn’t get any better than this!

Beyond the stitches and fabric, gifting a photo quilt block is a gesture of love and thoughtfulness, demonstrating the time and effort invested in creating a truly meaningful present.

2. Creative Inspiration

Photo quilt blocks serve as a wellspring of inspiration, encouraging DIY sewers to explore new design possibilities and push the boundaries of their creativity. Not only do we give you all the tools you need to print the photos on fabric, (you can learn how to print your photos on fabric here), but we are building a CURATED PATTERN COLLECTION HERE for you to create your own photo memory quilts! These patterns have been selected and listed with the sizes of Photo Quilt Blocks you would need to complete the quilt. Now that’s easy peasy!

We also have a collection of DIY gift and project ideas that are being updated regularly with new inspiration, tutorials, and FREE PATTERNS HERE!

3. Sentimental Value

Unlike store-bought gifts, Photo Quilt Blocks hold sentimental value, evoking emotions and memories each time they’re admired or used in a project. Not only do your gifts have a purpose, but they tell a story through photos at the same time.

4. Versatile Applications

From full-size quilts to mini projects like pillows, tote bags, and wall hangings, Photo Quilt Blocks offer endless possibilities for DIYers to showcase their skills and creativity. Also, working with photo quilt blocks challenges DIY sewers to hone their skills, experiment with new techniques, and expand their repertoire of quilting methods.

Come join Photo Quilt Blocks on Facebook to be a part of a community and to be inspired by the many photos and projects that we post! You can join us on Facebook here!

We love to see EVERYTHING that you create! Please email, message, or tag us with your creations!

5. Stash Integration

Photo quilt blocks seamlessly integrate with existing fabric collections and crafting supplies, allowing DIY sewers to maximize the use of materials they already have on hand. By incorporating photo blocks into their projects, they can breathe new life into their stash, turning forgotten fabrics into cherished keepsakes infused with personal memories. This not only reduces waste but also adds a delightful twist to their creations, transforming ordinary materials into extraordinary masterpieces!

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How Can You Give the Gift of Photos Printed on Fabric?

There are several ways that you can give Photo Quilt Blocks as gifts!

1. You can give the gift of a gift card from Photo Quilt Blocks! With this option, your loved one can gather the photos that they like and order the size and number of photos that they want!

Also, when you buy a gift card for Photo Quilt Blocks, you can order fabrics and other gift items with your photos printed on them!

You can buy your gift card here!

2. Give the gift of the photo fabric. You can gather up the photos you think your loved one would like, order them, and have them delivered directly to you or your loved one. The photo fabric is completely done and ready to start cutting and piecing!

Take a look at my YouTube videos that walk you through how to order them step by step! You can follow and watch my YouTube channel here!

3. You can make the photo fabric into a gift and have an amazing personalized present!

Take a look at my ever-growing list of tutorials for gift and project ideas! It is fairly new, but keep watching as I add new tutorials regularly!

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Creative People Like getting Gifts They can Create Something With!

If you don’t believe that creatives love getting gifts that inspire them to create, take a look at these findings:

  1. Preference for Personalized Gifts: Creative individuals often appreciate gifts that reflect their unique personality and interests. According to an article on Forbes, personalized gifts are becoming increasingly popular, especially among millennials and younger generations. Source: Forbes
  2. DIY and Crafting Kits: Creative people enjoy gifts that inspire them to create. A study conducted by Craft Industry Alliance found that DIY and crafting kits are among the top gifts preferred by creative individuals. These kits provide both inspiration and materials for various projects, allowing recipients to explore their creativity. Source: Craft Industry Alliance
  3. Art Supplies and Tools: Another popular choice among creative individuals is high-quality art supplies and tools. According to an article on The Creative Independent, artists and makers often appreciate receiving top-notch materials that enhance their craft. Source: The Creative Independent
Order Photo Quilt Blocks here!

How to Gift Photo Quilt Blocks to Kids

  1. DIY Photo Quilt Kit: Put together a DIY kit including Photo Quilt Blocks fabric, fabric markers, and other crafting supplies. Add a personal touch by including a handwritten note with ideas and inspiration for their quilt.
  2. Scavenger Hunt Surprise: Hide Photo Quilt Blocks pieces around the house or yard and create a scavenger hunt for the kids to find them. Include clues or riddles related to their favorite memories or photos to make it even more exciting.
  3. Memory Quilt Collage: Create a collage using printed photos of special memories and include a hidden message or clue about the Photo Quilt Blocks gift. Present the collage as a puzzle for the kids to solve, leading them to their gift.
  4. Treasure Box Surprise: Decorate a small treasure box and fill it with Photo Quilt Blocks fabric squares. Include a note encouraging the kids to use their imagination to create something wonderful with the fabric.
  5. Photo Quilt Blocks Puzzle: Print a photo of a completed quilt made with Photo Quilt Blocks and cut it into puzzle pieces. As the kids solve the puzzle, reveal the surprise that they will be able to create their own quilt with Photo Quilt Blocks.
  6. Crafting Party Invitation: Invite the kids to a crafting party where they can create with Photo Quilt Blocks fabric. Set up different crafting stations with fabric markers, scissors, and other supplies, and let them unleash their creativity.
  7. Storybook Adventure: Write a story or create a comic book featuring characters who embark on a quest to create a magical quilt using Photo Quilt Blocks fabric. Gift the story along with the fabric squares for the kids to bring the adventure to life.

These creative gifting ideas will not only surprise and delight kids who love to create but also inspire them to unleash their imagination with Photo Quilt Blocks fabric!

Order Photo Quilt Blocks here!

How to Gift Photo Quilt Blocks to Adults

  1. Sewing Kit Upgrade: Create a personalized sewing kit for the recipient, including Photo Quilt Blocks fabric squares, coordinating thread, and other sewing essentials. Package it in a stylish storage container or basket for a practical and thoughtful gift.
  2. Quilt Block Advent Calendar: Design an advent calendar with 25 compartments, each containing a different Photo Quilt Blocks fabric square. Starting from December 1st, the recipient can open one compartment each day leading up to Christmas, building anticipation for their quilting project.
  3. Sewing Retreat Surprise: Plan a surprise sewing retreat or weekend getaway for the recipient, complete with a secluded cabin or cozy Airbnb rental. Present the Photo Quilt Blocks as a surprise gift upon arrival, allowing them to unwind and indulge in their passion for sewing.
  4. Fabric Scrapbook: Create a scrapbook filled with fabric swatches, sewing patterns, and photos of completed projects. Include a section dedicated to Photo Quilt Blocks, with samples of fabric designs and project ideas to inspire the recipient’s creativity.
  5. Sewing Class Voucher: Gift the recipient a voucher for a sewing or quilting class, along with a set of Photo Quilt Blocks fabric squares to use during the course. This thoughtful gesture combines the joy of learning new skills with the excitement of creating personalized fabric designs.
  6. Quilting Subscription Box: Subscribe the recipient to a quilting or sewing-themed subscription box service, featuring monthly deliveries of fabric, patterns, and sewing supplies. Include a note announcing their first shipment of Photo Quilt Blocks fabric squares for a delightful surprise.
  7. DIY Quilt Kit: Put together a DIY quilt kit containing pre-cut Photo Quilt Blocks fabric squares, batting, backing fabric, and quilting instructions. Add a personal touch by selecting fabric designs that resonate with the recipient’s style and preferences.

These creative gifting ideas cater to the passion for sewing while incorporating the excitement of working with Photo Quilt Blocks fabric, making it a memorable and enjoyable experience for any sewing enthusiast.

Order Photo Quilt Blocks here!


Lori McCroskey is the principal creator of PhotoQuiltBlocksBlog.com, a website dedicated to quilts, projects, and gifts created with photos printed on fabric. She also has a business PhotoQuiltBlocks.com where you can have her print your photos on fabric for you! Inspired by her love for sewing, scrapbooking, and family, Lori has a passion for capturing memories in useable gifts, quilts, and crafts that get your photos off your phone, out of the album, freed from a frame, and into memorable keepsakes that your friends and family will treasure. Learn more about Lori here!

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