How to Sew a Baby Block Fabric Cube – DIY Photo Gift

If you’re a creator like me, you love making homemade DIY baby gifts for the people you love! There is no way to be remembered better than with a gift made from the heart.

How many of us live far away from our grandbabies. Or at least far enough we don’t get to see them whenever we would like? Create a FAMILY PHOTO BABY BLOCK so that the baby can start getting to know the people that love her! In the baby block I created, both sets of grandparents, mom and dad, and both Aunts and Uncles were included in the project. The BEST one is the dog and the baby. The dog gathers the blanket up around this sweet little baby girl and lays there to watch over her. SO PRECIOUS!

This tutorial is going to walk you through how to create a PHOTO BABY BLOCK step by step! So grab a latte and let’s go!

Step 1: How to Sew a Baby Block Video Tutorial

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. This is such a simple project if you can watch it being done!

Step 2: Order Your Photo Quilt Blocks

You are going to need 6 blocks total. If you want them all the same fabric, you can order a fat quarter of them and add in some extra for another project!

You can order six 6×6 blocks on this fat quarter bundle!

If you would like to order individual blocks so you can have different fabrics as shown in the video, here are the links!

Polypoplin 6×6 block order link

Satin 6×6 block order link

Snuggle Velour 6×6 block order link

Order Photo Quilt Blocks here!

Step 3: Cut Out Your Photo Blocks to 6 1/2 x 6 1/2

After you receive your photo blocks, you are ready to start cutting. Photo Quilt Blocks come with the interfacing already on them, so they are ready to go when they hit the door!

Step 4: Mark Dots 3/8″ from Each Corner.

You are now going to mark dots 3/8 inches in from each corner. This will give you pinning and sewing guides and make everything so much simpler. I didn’t say that in the video at the beginning, so I want to make sure you do this first!

Step 5: Lay Out Your Photo Blocks

In this step, you are going to layout your photo blocks in the order that you want to sew them together.

Step 6: Start Sewing Your Blocks Together

Start sewing your blocks together. When you are stitching, JUST STITCH BETWEEN THE DOTS ON EACH SIDE. I don’t say this enough in the video, so I want to make sure you hear it many times! This allows your to pivot your fabric when sewing the sides together.

Step 7: Sew All Four Sides Together

Step 8: Sew Two of the Top Sides Together Between Dots.

Please see the video tutorial for a picture presentation of how to do this!

Step 9: Hand Stitch the Final Side Together.

Please see the video tutorial for a picture presentation of how to do this!

Order Photo Quilt Blocks here!


Lori McCroskey is the principal creator of, a website dedicated to quilts, projects, and gifts created with photos printed on fabric. She also has a business where you can have her print your photos on fabric for you! Inspired by her love for sewing, scrapbooking, and family, Lori has a passion for capturing memories in useable gifts, quilts, and crafts that get your photos off your phone, out of the album, freed from a frame, and into memorable keepsakes that your friends and family will treasure. Learn more about Lori here!

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